Do not hesitate to ask any question as you will find the answer as exciting as a BIG YES!
How many photos do I get in a wedding?
A lot! There is no limit on the number of the photos. I am devoted to capture the details and tell your love story in the best possible way. Rest assured that your photos will be in their best quality.


Do you offer engagement shoot?
Of course, a big YES and I highly recommend it. Some obvious reasons if you need inspirations in deciding:
Firstly, we get to know each other better. Photography is a highly personal thing and the more we communicate with each other, the better the photos will turn out.
After all, this is the perfect chance for me to learn about your favourite angle and and understand your needs.
Other than that, what’s better than your sweet photo together on your wedding invitation or in the slid show on your wedding day?
I might not have met you yet but not everyone is born a natural in front of cameras. Let this be your rehearsal and opportunity to discover more about yourselves as well!


I know you based in Sydney, but do you travel to take an overseas wedding?
Another big fat yes and as a matter of fact, I’ve travelled to the USA, Japan, China, Fiji and Bali for destination weddings and definitely loved every part of the journey. Don’t be shy to take me to your world and help out with your dream wedding.


Who will touch the photos afterwards?
The marvellous and hopefully your favourite photographer, Jeff, myself. We had our consultation before the wedding, worked happily together to produce the amazing photos on your big day and certainly I will be there to touch the photos and design the album for you. After all the ‘trouble’, I believe you will trust no one else but me to keep your story real, beautiful and timeless.


When can I see my photos?
I understand how keen you and your family are for the brilliant photos. So, I aim to send you the selection of your wedding within a week. There will be an online gallery that you can download photos or share online instantly. Then in another 4-5 weeks, your full collection with high resolution, watermark-free photos will be ready for you.